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Dominion Medical Centres, Edmonton, Alberta

Dominion Medical Centres

Dominion Medical Centres is an Alberta based health care organization founded by physicians with a strong commitment to public health care and the Canada Health Act.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive, convenient, and quality medical care. We offer a complete health care solution by providing comprehensive family practice care (scheduled appointments), a walk-in clinic with extended hours, and a full complement of occupational health services, ranging from pre-employment medicals to executive health examinations.

Current News & Updates

July 02, 2015

Online Booking Now Available

We now offer online appointment bookings for the following physicians:

  • Dr. Ackroyd (Century Park)
  • Dr. Bedard (Century Park)
  • Dr. McPeak (Century Park)
  • Dr. Shah (Century Park)
  • Dr. Siha (Century Park)
  • Dr. Wu (Century Park)
  • Dr. Callihoo (Mactaggart)
  • Dr. Chatterjee (Mactaggart)
  • Dr. Chin (Mactaggart)
  • Dr. Lo (Mactaggart)
  • Dr. Maheshwari (Mactaggart)
  • Dr. Pasiorowski (Mactaggart)
  • Dr. Spak (Mactaggart)
  • Dr. Cheng (Parsons
  • Dr. Narula (Parsons)
  • Dr. Smith (Parsons)
  • Dr. Tariq (Parsons)

Click the button on the sidebar to book your appointment. We will add new physicians in the coming weeks.

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